How To Set Up Custom Fields for Tagging and Coding
When the 'Document Coding' app is enabled, Workspace Admins will gain access to the 'Coding' tab. Workspace Admins can create a customised set of fields which can be used to tag and add metadata to documents when using Safelink's Classification Wizard to classify documents.

Click 'Manage Workspace' to open your workspace settings.

Click the 'Coding' tab*.

On the Classification Setup screen, you can a a new field or edit an existing field. Click 'Add a New Field'.

Enter a 'Field Name'.

Next, select a 'Field Type'. There are four different types of fields you can create. The fields you create will appear on the panel to the left of your document in the Document View.
Yes/No - [Tag] Creates a tick box to confirm or negate your tag entry. If your entry is ticked, the system will add this tag to your document in the Folder View.
Text - [Field] Creates a text field on the left panel in the Document View.
Date - [Field] Creates a date field on the left panel in the Document View.
Number - [Field] Creates a number field on the left panel in the Document View.

Click 'Create' to create your custom field.

Follow the process above to create multiple fields.

Lastly, open a document to see your new fields on the panel to the left.

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