How to highlight, annotate and apply redactions to your documents in a bundle

You can highlight, annotate and redact sections of your document. You can also expose sections beneath your redactions.

Click the Highlight tool on the right and drag and drop a box to highlight a section of your document.

Click on the Redaction tool on the right and drag and drop a box to redact a section of your document. While you are editing the documents of your bundle, you will still be able to see the text behind your redactions. You can choose to apply redactions when downloading your bundle and the text behind your redactions will be removed indelibly.

Click the Expose tool on the right and drag and drop a box within your redaction to expose a section of your redaction.

You can click anywhere on the document to add an annotation or use the Marker tool on the right to drop a pin. You can enter a note into the text field on the grey toolbar at the bottom. This note will appear on your document. If you would like to remove your annotation, click the rubbish bin on the right to remove it.

Click 'Close' at any time to return to the Folder View.

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