You can create a custom column in Grid View to add your own content. You can use this to add a secondary file name, description for your documents and a lot more.

Click 'Manage Workspace' to access the workspace settings page.

Click 'Codes & Metadata'.

Click 'Add a New Field'.

Enter a field name. This will become the column heading.

Set 'Field Type' to 'Text' and click 'Create'.

Go to the folder where you want to add the column.

Click 'View Settings'.

Click the text metadata that you have created to enable it. Drag and drop the column to your preferred order.

Click 'Apply to this folder'. You can also select 'Apply to all folders' to add the column to all the folders in your workspace.

The new column is now visible in the Folder View.

How to Enter the Text

Open the document in Showpane and click the 'Classification button'.

Click the pill with the name of the column that you have created. A Text Box should open.

Enter the text in the box.

Click the 'Save and Move On' button to save the text and move on to the next document.

Repeat Steps 2 to 4 until you have added the text to all the necessary documents.

The column will automatically populate with the text you have entered in the Text Box.

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