Licence Superusers and Licence Managers have access to global reports which summarise information across the whole of Safelink and can incorporate information from multiple workspaces.

To access a list of global reports, click 'Manage'.

Next click 'Reports'.

Click on a report to view it, download it as a CSV or download it as a PDF.

All Users
Shows the user ID number, name, company, username and system role.

Last Access
Shows the workspace name, username, workspace role, company and the last time they accessed the workspace.

Personally identifiable information Search
Search all of your workspaces for specific terms or phrases. To search multiple items enter search terms or phrases separated by a comma.

Enter a search term and click 'Run Report'.

Shows the document or folder ID, workspace, file type, document name and context in which your search item(s) are present.

Room Storage
Shows workspace ID, your reference ID, workspace name, the expected end date, total GB of files in the documents area, total GB of items attached to secure messages, total GB of files in trash, total GB of past versions or re-uploaded files, total GB of other files and your total billable workspace storage.

Rooms Summary
Shows workspace ID, your reference ID, workspace name, the number of users in each workspace, total GB of data in the workspace, who created each workspace, what date the workspace was created, which date it was last accessed and its expected end date.

Historical User and Storage Use
Shows the number of users and GB of data in the system by date: Yesterday, One Month Ago, Three Months Ago. This report also shows the same breakdown for each workspace.

More reports are available for individual workspaces. These can be found in the 'Reports' section of each workspace.
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