You can use the client portal workspace for secure file sharing or to share other information about your company and its products. You can share files, exchange messages and manage the relationship between you and your clients.

Create a workspace

To begin, click 'Create a New Workspace' on the actions menu to the right.

Next, give your workspace a name. You can optionally add a client name or reference number. Click 'Create Workspace' to create your new workspace.

Upload Docs

To upload documents into your workspace click the 'Documents' tab.

Next, click 'Add Files' to add individual documents or click 'Add Folders' to add entire folders into your client portal.

Select the file(s) or folder(s) you would like to upload and click 'Open'.

When your files have finished uploading, you can click on a document to open it.

Invite users

Next, invite a user into your workspace. Choose a level of access or workspace role, apply a group, and then enter their name and email.

Click 'Invite' to send an invitation email to this user. The invitation email will contain a link which when clicked, will help guide the user to your workspace. To see a copy of the workspace invitation please click here.

You can see all the users who have access to your workspace on the workspace access page.

Set permissions

You can control which users can rename, delete, view, print, download, upload and view watermarks on documents. These permissions can be customised for individual users or groups. To set folder permissions, click the 'Folder Permissions' tab.

On the Folder Permissions screen, you can edit permissions for individual users and groups. This first set of buttons, represents the 'Default Permissions for all Users and Groups'.

Green buttons represent a permission or action a default user has or can perform.
Red buttons represent a permission or action a default user does not have or cannot perform.

Note: If you hover your cursor over a button, Safelink will prompt a message to inform you what default users can or cannot do.

You can set folder permissions for a specific user or group. Click the drop down menu, then select which user or group’s permissions you’d like to change.

A second set of buttons are now visible over the first set. Click on a button in this second set to change folder permissions for the group you’ve just selected.

These are just the basics! The Safelink system has many different types of Workspaces and apps to help you finish your projects and achieve your personal, client and company goals. To learn more send us a message. We're always happy to help.

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