Below is a list of all the processing-actions applied to your documents upon upload.

Virus scan - each document is scanned, and quarantined if a virus is found.

Archive analysis - ZIP files are analysed to detect password-protected content (only applies to zip files)

Timestamp extraction - Any timestamps relevant to the document are extracted and stored.

Page count - The page count of the document is calculated.

Checksum calculation - MD5 checksums are calculated for each document.

Conversion to PDF - Word documents, Spreadsheets, Slideshows, Text documents and emails are converted to PDF.

Rasterisation - If required, images of each page of the document are generated.

Native text extraction - Text is extracted from the document's native format for indexing, where possible.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition is applied to extract text for scanned or imaged documents, if required.

Indexing - The extracted text and any metadata is added to a full-text index to enable searching
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