Safelink can build a single PDF file containing all of the documents in a folder. You can add an index page and number the pages. Make sure you have 'Folder Admin' permissions enabled to download folders and documents. The surface view app will need to be enabled by a Workspace admin in order for this feature to work.

Click the 'Documents' tab.

Find the folder you would like to download as a PDF and click select 'Download as PDF' on the right.

Please note that all the documents in the subfolders will also be included.

Before you download your PDF, you can customise it. Select the PDF options relevant to you then click 'Continue'.

Safelink will automatically build your PDF according to your specifications.

Building bigger folders/files will take some time to build.

Once your PDF is ready, you can either download the report or save it to your room.

Open your PDF and to view your documents.

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