Safelink will automatically display the most recent versions of your documents. You can make amendments to your documents and then just re-upload them. The system will replace the older version to help keep your documents up-to-date. You also have the ability to see and access the version history of your documents.

Document version numbers are displayed on the document here.

You can make amendments to this document on your computer and then re-upload it.

The system will automatically replace the older version and display a new version number.

To access the version history of your document, right-click and select 'Version History'.

Click 'Open' to view a specific version history. Click 'Restore' to display the corresponding version in your workspace. Click 'Delete' to remove a version.

The version you've restored will display here.

You can have two copies of the same document in your workspace, but each document will need to be in a different folder.
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