Neatly view email attachments in Grid View. Just add the 'Attachment' column to your files to access a view of your email attachments.

Click on a folder with emails whose attachments you would like to view.

Next, hover your cursor over the document fields of your file. Swipe right to view additional columns.

Notice: Your file titles will remain rooted on the left as you scroll through their corresponding fields.

Next, click 'View Settings'.

Then, select 'Display Columns'.

Here you can view all the display columns which have already been applied to your files, and if you'd like, apply some more!

Click in the display column box to view a list of columns you can add to your files. Then select 'Attachments'.

Click 'Apply to this folder'.

Next, hover your cursor over your document fields and swipe right, then click on the corresponding attachment icon.

The system will display your attachments. Click on an attachment to view it.
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