Document de-duplication
The system can identify duplicate documents and near duplicates. Exact duplicates can be removed using the duplicates feature. Potential duplicate documents are displayed in the ‘Duplicates' area in the document view. Duplicate documents are scored with a similarity percentage.
 The duplication detection app must be enabled by a Workspace admin in order for this to work.

To begin, click a document you suspect to be a duplicate or near duplicate.

The 'Duplicates' section on the panel to the left will display any duplicate or near duplicate documents. Documents are scored with a similarity percentage.

Click on the potential duplicate document to open it.

Check this document's contents to see if it is indeed a duplicate or near duplicate. If the document is a duplicate, click on the title of the document you have just left to revisit it.

Select 'Yes' to mark the document as a 'CONFIRMED DUPLICATE'. Click 'No' to not mark this document 'CONFIRMED AS DIFFERENT'.

You can delete the duplicate or keep the document if it is still relevant to you and your project.
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