Welcome to Safelink! This guidance document will show you how to login, upload and securely manage relationships between you and your client. Note that your workspace may look a little different depending on which apps have been enabled by your Workspace Admin. We hope you enjoy using the system and find the following information helpful.

Safelink has several login options that can be set up based on your security requirements.

Password - Password is the basic sign-in authentication used to access Safelink. You should create a strong password to keep your account safe.
Two Factor Authentication - Two-Factor authentication adds another level of security to your user account. You will be required to enter your password and a unique SMS authentication code when you log in to Safelink. The SMS message can be sent using:

Your mobile phone number
An authenticator app such as Google Authenticator, Authy and Microsoft Authenticator. These Authenticator Apps are widely used and available in both iOS and Android smartphones.

Single Sign-on (SSO) - SSO can simplify your login process without sacrificing security. Safelink can use your company's existing SSO system to authenticate your account. Please contact us for more details.

How to Upload Files into your Workspace

This is your Workspace Homepage. To upload files to this workspace, click on the 'Documents' tab.

Click 'Add Files' to add individual documents or click 'Add Folders' to add entire folders into your workspace.

Select the file(s) or folder(s) you would like to upload and click 'Open'.

Your upload progress is indicated over here to the left.

How to View a Document in your Workspace

When your files have finished uploading, click on a document to open it.

In the Document View you have various viewing options and Document tools available to you on the right.

How to Arrange Documents in a Folder

You can reorder the documents in your Folder. Click 'Arrange' from the 'Actions' menu.

Use the arrange icon to drag, drop and reorder your documents.

Click 'Finish Arrangement' when your documents are in the appropriate order.

How to Move Documents Between Folders

Tick the box next to the documents you would like to move, then click 'Move selected items from the 'Actions' menu on the left.

The documents you've selected will attach to your cursor. Then, click on a folder in your folder tree to drop them in.

Apply Numbering to All Folders and Their Contents

Right-click the root folder of the document tree and select 'Numbering' from the context menu.

Then, tick 'Number items in this folder and its (n) sub-folders'.

The system will automatically apply numbering to the folders and documents in your workspace.

How To Set Folder Permissions

Workspace Admins can control which users can rename, delete, view, print, download, upload and view watermarks on documents. These permissions can be customised for individual users or groups.

To find the Folder Permissions screen, click the 'Manage Workspace' tab.

Next, click the 'Access and Permissions' tab.

Next, click the 'Folder Permissions' tab.

On the Folder Permissions screen, you can edit permissions for individual users and groups within this workspace. This first set of buttons, represents the 'Default Permissions for all Users and Groups'.

Green buttons represent a permission or action a default user has or can perform.
Red buttons represent a permission or action a default user does not have or cannot perform.

Note: If you hover your cursor over a button, Safelink will prompt a message to inform you what Default users can or cannot do.

You can set folder permissions for a specific group by clicking the drop down menu, then select which Group’s permissions you’d like to change.

A second set of buttons are now visible over the first set. Click on a button in this second set to change folder permissions for the group you’ve just selected.

You can set specific folder permissions for an individual user by clicking the drop down menu, typing in this user’s name, and then selecting this user from the list below.

Note: If at any time you are not certain which permissions you are changing, you can hover over a button to prompt a message from the system. This is a hierarchical system; the individual user permission will override the group and the default permission setting.

Downloading Individual Documents

Right-click on a document in the Folder View and select download.
You can download this file in its original file format or the format that was uploaded into your workspace.
You can download your document with your annotations as a PDF.

The system will generate a report which you can save to your computer or save it back into your room.

Downloading Folders as a PDF

Click on a folder in the folder tree on the left.

Click 'Download as PDF'.

Before you download your folder, customise it! When you are ready to download your PDF click 'Continue'.

These are just the basics! The Safelink system has many different types of Workspaces and apps to help you finish your projects and achieve your personal, client and company goals. To learn more send us a message. We're always happy to help.
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