Apps Available in Bundling Workspace
You can choose which apps you would like turned on or off in your Bundling Workspace. Workspace apps are custom tools designed to help you accomplish your project goals. Each workspace has its own set of apps which can be enabled or disabled to personalise the behaviour of your workspace. Below are the apps available to you in the Bundling Workspace. You must be a Workspace Manager to access this screen.

You can access your workspace apps by clicking the 'Manage Workspace' tab.

Enable the Bundling Tools app to begin your bundling process. When unticked, users will not be able to upload documents or create sections.

When the Licence App Templates app is enabled, any cover sheet templates saved on your Licence from previous bundling workspaces can be copied, edited and applied to this bundle workspace.

When the Micro Blog app is enabled, users have the ability to share a status update on the workspace homepage. This app is helpful for communicating messages within your secure workspace environment.

When the News Feed Activity app is enabled, users can view new documents, messages, and tasks on the workspace homepage. The news feed is personalised to each user, so only items users are permitted to see will be shown.

When the Notes app is enabled, users can click anywhere on a document or drop a pin to add a note. Users can choose who to share their note with. They can keep it private, share it with their group or share it with everyone in the workspace.

When the Redaction app is enabled, users can drag and drop a box to redact document sections. Users can choose to apply these redactions when downloading or exporting their documents.

When the Sample Templates app is enabled, users have the ability to choose and edit one of our previously created sample cover sheets.

When the Search app is enabled, users can use the Search Wizard or the Power Search apps to perform comprehensive searches in your workspace.

When the Surface View app is enabled, users can view their documents as large scrollable PDF's. This app must be turned on in order to use any of the Document tools such as highlights, pins, notes and redactions.
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