Apps Available in a Virtual Data Room
You can choose which apps you would like turned on or off in your Virtual Data Room. Workspace apps are custom tools designed to help you accomplish your project goals. Each workspace has its own set of apps which can be enabled or disabled to personalise the behaviour of your workspace. Below are the apps available to you in the Virtual Data Room. You must be a Workspace Manager to access this screen.

You can access your workspace apps by clicking the 'Manage Workspace' tab.

When the Detailed Tracking app is enabled, the system will capture detailed information when documents are viewed including how long the viewer stays on each page. This information can be accessed from the Detailed Audit Report. If this app is not enabled, the system will not display user activity in the Detailed Audit Report.

When the Documents app is enabled, users will have access to the 'Documents' tab. This is where users can upload files and folders, create folder structures, move, order, arrange and view documents. If this app is not enabled workspace functionality becomes very limited.

When this Expanded Activity Listing app is enabled, your news feed will show each new document added to the workspace as its own entry. If this app is not enabled, documents added to the room will be grouped as a single entry.

When the News Feed Activity app is enabled, users can view new documents, messages, and tasks on the workspace homepage. The news feed is personalised to each user, so only items users are permitted to see will be shown.

When the Numbering app is enabled, users have the ability to add numbering to documents and folders. Numbers can be applied before or after adding files into your workspace. Users have the ability to automatically or manually renumber their files.

When the Outlines app is enabled, users can create a list of interesting spots in multiple documents like a series of bookmarks. An outline might represent a train of thought, like a legal argument that refers to multiple documents that will be presented in the courtroom.

When the Q & A app is enabled, users can submit general or document-specific questions. Workspace Admins can control who can see and reply to these questions.

When the Search app is enabled, users can use the Search Wizard or the Power Search apps to perform comprehensive searches in your workspace.

When the Watermarks app is enabled, watermarks will be applied to documents. Workspace Managers have the ability to customise watermark text.

When the What's Changed app is enabled, users will be able to see which documents have been added, moved or deleted since they last logged in on the workspace homepage. Visibility is subject to the permissions each user has.
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