Use the Show Pane to quickly view, classify, annotate, mark, highlight and more.

To access the Show Pane, click 'View Settings'.

Next, click the toggle-switch next to 'Enable Show Pane'.

Click 'Apply to all folders' or 'Apply to this folder'.

Next, click on a file to view it.

The file you have selected will appear in the Show Pane on the right. You can use the Document Tools on the right to view / hide annotations, zoom in and zoom out, highlight, redact, expose and more.

Click the 'Classification' button to display the coding fields you or your team may have created.

Click the 'Annotation' button to view a list of your annotations or any annotations that have been shared with you. Click on a specific annotation to view its details.

Click 'Next' to open and view the next document in the Documents Area.

The Show Pane helps you quickly view, classify, annotate, mark and highlight your documents.
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